How does it help

  • ⏱ Easy creation

    To create a new application instance all you need is to click a button. Stagy will spin up a new server, deploy code, and give you a link to a new freshly created instance

  • 💤 Sleeping instances

    Say no to spending money on idle servers for staging! Stagy sets on pause servers that not in use

  • 🌳 Check any branch

    Stagy can deploy any branch and any commit - they will work simultaneously for as long as you want. QA environment setup has never been easier!

  • 👨‍💻 Let others do deploy

    Focus on programming - let us do routine tasks. Don't be distracted by others trying to deploy an application

  • 🎉 You're remarkable!

    You're doing awesome work - we here to help you do it easier!

Stagings made simple

Create unlimited on-demand environments for Your Demos, QA and Sandboxes